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50 Issues in Review

My goodness, a whole lot has happened over the first 50 editions of The Current! The best part has been getting to meet and interact with so many of you dear readers via email, in person at events, at the grocery store, over coffee, during interviews, even when I picked up some farm fresh eggs the other day (Hi, Trevor!). The Current's readership is just chock full of the best kind of people!

I feel so proud of this digital stage created to showcase the heartbeat of SML…a compilation of all the things that make up the rich current of the lake.

It is my hope that you have learned some new tidbits about the people and places of our community since becoming a subscriber and have enjoyed all the extra little features along the way!

Let's have a look at some of the numbers we've racked up together thus far, shall we?

Over the past 50 issues The Current has published:

Additionally, I've put together six special themed issues, featured dozens of adorable “Dogs of the Week” (which I'm starting back up, so send in your pictures of pups enjoying the lake!), and covered a host of other subjects that didn't fit into the above categories. Shew! That's a lot of local goodness!

Did you have a favorite themed issue? Or perhaps a feature you always look forward to? What is something new that you've learned about the lake from The Current? I'd love to hear about what you've enjoyed and would like to see more of in the future. Maybe you have a new idea that would be fun to incorporate? Let me know by clicking on the "Contact" tab and jotting me a few lines! I want what is dropping to your inbox on Thursday mornings to be informative, enjoyable, and inspiring. Your feedback tells me what that means to you and helps me create a resource that is one you can't wait to read!

*Cheers to 50 more*


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