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A Bonfire Evening | Entertaining

In keeping with some of the simple entertaining themes I've shared over the past months, here is another easy way to connect with friends and neighbors.

There is very little advanced planning required to host a bonfire. Set the arrival time for after dinner, and warm up some apple cider to serve alongside easy-to-eat (and restrictive-diet friendly) popcorn. I like to fill brown lunch bags with individual portions to eliminate the need for serving dishes, utensils, and bowls. If you want to level up the drinks, have a bottle of bourbon on hand so guests can add a splash to their hot cider, if desired.

Encourage people to bring along their guitar or a story to share to keep the wholesome campfire traditions alive! It's such a cozy, beautiful way to celebrate the season and share time together with friends.

I wanted to share a couple of our personal outdoor entertaining MVPs below.

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We LOVE our smokeless Solostove and have had it for years now! The best part might be that we can set it up where we want - in the yard, on the deck, in the driveway...


These are easier to get out of than most (shallower seat angle), have ample arms for food/drinks, and are maintenance free. Ours still look brand new!


This is not only my favorite rocks tipple, but my favorite add-in for hot apple cider.


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