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Holiday Countdown Pt.3

I hope you're enjoying getting ahead of the curve with me this season! Ready for this week's assignment?

Hostess Gifts and Holiday Attire

With social activities pretty much back to full swing, many of us will find ourselves with an event or two that require formal dress over the next month or so. Now is the time to give your glad rags a good look over to make sure there is no damage, staining, or fit issues, and then send them off to the cleaner for a freshen-up. If you need to shop for something new, you still have time to order online or beat the rush at the stores but be sure you act fast!

You may think that hostess gifts may be, sadly, going the same way of the handwritten thank-you note. But being a kind and gracious guest never goes out of style! Avoid the last-minute scramble by planning ahead and purchasing/ordering all of your hostess gifts at once. Perhaps a bottle of wine, a set of seasonal cocktail napkins, a package of greeting cards, a flower arrangement… it need not be extravagant to show your appreciation!

If you're still in need of inspiration (or ease of ordering!) here are a few ideas that any hostess is sure to appreciate. You can follow the link below the images to find them on Amazon.

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