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Serafina Spa

I'm the first to admit that I'm not the best at taking true time out for myself. Experts say that the most impactful form of self-care is the low hanging fruit that you can incorporate into your everyday life, but sometimes a larger act of nurture is needed to help release pent-up physical stress and get you safely back to your centered baseline. That's exactly what happened when I experienced a facial recently done by Ashley at Serafina Spa. They are located in the same plaza on Scruggs Road as Old Oak Cafe and El Rio Mexican Restaurant in Moneta, by the by. The air hung heavy with palpable calm that enveloped me as soon as I stepped through the door. Ashley went over all the treatments included in the package I had booked and then left me to change. Snuggling into the heated cozy bedding, I instantly felt tension start to slip away. Several scrubs and rubs and masks and lotions and potions later, I was renewed. Not just my skin, but my spirit. I positively floated all the way home! Once there, recounting my experience to my husband, I realized that this was a “needle mover”. One of those things that reaches down to a level of deep restoration for me. Determined to focus more on these things that make such a big impact on the overall state of my holistic being, I've decided to book one every-other-month for the year and get them all scheduled NOW. That way I won't let the days just fly by and the tension to build to unhealthy levels before my next rejuvenating appointment. We all know how our level of good intentions don't always line up with our level of follow through. In fact, I was just listening to an interesting 6-minute podcast this week that said, “It's not real…until it's scheduled.”

(CLICK HERE if you'd like to listen for yourself on Spotify.) What's something that you might like to get on your calendar for the entire year ahead that's a major “needle-mover” for you?

Serafina Spa is offering TWO specials for readers of The Current during the month of February: Try out their new European Facial w/ Full Microdermabrasion for just $105 (regularly $130). OR take 10% off a Foot Soak and Massage or Reflexology Treatment (starting at $80).


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