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Take 5 with Vicki Gardner

5 Ingredients for a Perfect Day on the Lake

  • Friends and Family

  • Lake toys

  • Fishing poles

  • Sun gear and a good book

  • A great destination (like SML State Park!)

4 Ways I Describe Smith Mountain Lake

  • Filled with history

  • Mountain/lake getaway found in one place

  • Playground of activities

  • Year-round destination for outdoor enthusiasts

3 Things I'm Looking Forward to About Spring

  • The blooming of the cherry tree my daughters gave me for Mother's Day one year

  • Return of the robins

  • The color pallet of spring

2 Of my Hobbies

  • Painting – While oil is my favorite medium, I enjoy acrylics, watercolor, and pastels.

  • Gardening – I like to live up to the name of Gardner. Flowering plants are my specialty!

1 Signature Dish I Often Serve

  • Shish kabobs – I start with skewers filled with garden fresh food which include: marinated red, green, and yellow peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and onions interspersed with lean meat and shrimp. My shish kabobs are a feast for the eye and downright delicious! They are the perfect lakeside meal for a gathering of friends!


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