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The Story of The Current

     Often, one of the first questions I get asked is "So, how did The Current come about?" 

     The short answer is: COVID shut down the Bed and Breakfast that my husband and I ran in Roanoke, VA. Instead of waiting it out, we decided that it was a Providential chance to pull up stakes and make a major lifestyle shift. As luck would have it, we found a tiny cottage at the lake and moved from the heart of a bustling city to this rural, seasonal town. I suddenly found myself transplanted into a new community, knowing no one, with few opportunities to even meet people since the world was still largely in lock-down. 

     After the flurry of unpacking/renovations, I found I had a lot of time on my hands having sold my full-time job right along with our home. Noticing a need for fresh eyes to discover the hidden gems of this community, I began to seek out and write about them (a long-time hobby of mine). By conducting phone interviews and connecting with fellow business owners and creatives, I was able to meet the people who have always been my tribe. At the same time, this little e-zine opened up a new stage for the artistic talent that our area is so ripe with to share their work and wares on. It was wonderful to get to experience the heart and soul of the lake through this literary venture. 

     When I first started The Current, I figured my mom and maybe 50 other people might be interested in what I had to share. So, imagine my shock when in less than a week there were over 400 people signed up to received it! The Current has continued to grow and has now become my 9-5. Business sponsors cover some of the overhead, but I've made a conscious choice to limit sponsorships because: who likes reading a publication overrun with ads? Certainly not me!

     That's where you come in: "for the community, because of the community" is how this e-magazine will continue to grow and thrive as a part of the symbiotic current of the lake.

     Much like public radio, reader support is what keeps the lights on around here. So, if you've found any value in the content I publish, will you consider joining The Current family? There are several tiers of support to choose from, and every single membership makes a difference. Just click below!

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