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Fostering Champions

Bobby Canipe, and the organization he founded: Fostering Champions, is a beacon of hope for an oft-neglected demographic of our community. A sobering statistic rates Virginia as the worst state in the country for teens aging out of the foster care system. Having been through the system himself as a child, Canipe has developed a passion for helping our area teens navigate this particularly challenging time in life.


 Each year, around 20 young adults reach the age of 18 in the Franklin County Department of Social Services. It is the goal of Fostering Champions (FC) to offer each and every one of them a hand-up with the life skills needed to become thriving members of society.


They have created a 2-year “Journey” program that includes mentorship in such things as:


Financial Stewardship

Basic Auto Mechanics


Job Interview Skills


FC also provides them with transportation assistance, college scholarships, and (their biggest project to date for those who choose to re-sign into the foster care system for four more years) transitional housing. 


If the life-changing work that Fostering Champions is doing strikes a chord, there are many different ways to get involved. Whether it's assembling “Blessing Baskets” - which are full of basic household supplies for teens in need of move-in assistance, becoming a mentor yourself in some capacity, construction work, or administrative duties...the best way to find out how you might fit into the Fostering Champions family is by connecting with Bobby. 

You can reach him by phone:


or email:


Keep up with the latest news, events, programs, and opportunities on their Facebook page, and read a much more comprehensive account of who they are and what they offer on their website (below). 


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