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A Dash of Delight

We've talked before about rituals, and how they can act as a steadying point in life. A reminder to be present and intentionally savor moments within our days.


I thought I'd share a little ritual I've been really enjoying of late - something that, with just a little tweaking, changes a basic routine into something truly restorative. A simple shower is a necessity for which we often allot only the time required for completion. But what if we added a few moments for pause to the end - once the air is delightfully filled with steam? I love to take a favorite essential oil (typically a calming blend) and place a few drops on the shower ledge. The thick air quickly carries the fragrance throughout the room as I take time to deeply breathe it in. Sometimes, I'll practice gratitude out loud while I breathe. Other times, I just allow my mind the luxury of space to rest without attaching to any one thought. 


It's a small thing. It takes only a few moments. But it turns a run-of-the-mill shower into a nourishing experience. One that either sets a peaceful, grateful course for the day, or ushers me off to a contented, calming slumber. It's definitely a “Dash of Delight”. Why not give it a try?


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