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At Your Service Personal Concierge

How many times have you wished that you had an extra set of hands when getting ready for company? Someone to plan a menu for a crowd? Help with the shopping? Prep the food? Decorate? How often do you worry about your home when you're away? Maybe you're on vacation and need someone to water the plants and care for your pets. Or maybe you're a part-timer here with your house standing vacant a large portion of the year, and the reality is that you need boots on the ground to regularly check your main systems (inside and out) as well as keep a lookout for any storm (or other) damage that might arise while you're not around. Do you have aging friends, neighbors, or parents that can't easily get out to pick up their prescriptions or basic grocery needs? Is there an event or milestone for which you would love to have someone working behind the scenes as your assistant to help “set the stage” and surprise your special someone? At Your Service Personal Concierge can help with all of that and more! Carol Craighead, experienced business owner and full-time resident of the lake since 2010 is the mastermind behind this new local asset. Having enjoyed successful careers owning a horse farm, working in sales, and investing her time into the family medical device distribution company, she decided that it was time for a new chapter. A concierge service was inspired by the growing needs of her aging mother (especially during COVID) as well as a tragic flooding incident in her own home that happened while she was away on a business trip with her husband. Because she didn't know who to turn to for help herself, she decided to offer these kinds of services - and many, many more - to lake area residents. One of her favorite parts of the business is finding out new ways that she can be of service. Just because it's not on her list, doesn't mean she won't offer it! It's hard to narrow down a service (or two) to highlight, but I think the Home Away Plan that she offers - which is completely customizable to your needs - is fabulous peace of mind for those who aren't at the lake full-time. Even if you do call the lake your home year 'round, At Your Service can meet contractors on your behalf while you're at work or get important packages off your porch if you'll not be home until late. Another of Carol's specialties is event planning. This might be particularly helpful to remember as we head into the holiday season. With over 15 years of experience coordinating special events, everything from intimate gatherings to weddings, let her make the planning of your next personal or business event an absolute breeze! In sum: if 24 hours is not enough - call At Your Service Personal Concierge: 540.314.2856. Carol would be happy to come up with a plan to help make your life a little easier!


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