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Dock Rock SML

There's a new station in town! 


Janet Rose and Mark Lamb, on-air veterans who have worked together as talk radio hosts in the past, recently joined forces to bring a fresh, upbeat, family-friendly listening option to the SML airwaves.


 Janet's family has a home here at the lake, and she loved the idea of recreating for the SML community some of what she remembers from her earliest days in the industry. Things were simpler then…more positive…more local. These values and more were guiding principles the pair used to flesh out the concept of what has become Dock Rock.


The musical programming is available 24/7, and they have already launched their first live show, “Morning Jam”, which airs from 6-10am, Monday-Friday. Hosted by Janet and Mark, it includes everything you need to get your day off to a good start: fabulous music, news, weather, interviews, and more!

Dock Rock's goal is to become a true soundtrack of the lake. It adds the perfect backdrop to festive gatherings and keeps your toes tapping as you work around the house. I think you'll find all ages enjoying the carefully curated playlists with throwbacks to the 70s, 80s, and 90s.


Here are a few ways you can tune in:


  • Live stream direct from their website

  • Find Dock Rock on the Grove Street App (which picked them up in their first week!)

  • Or listen on Alexa. Say: “Alexa, enable skill” when prompted say: “Enable Live 365”. She'll ask you to name a station which is: “Dock Rock SML”. From then on you should be able to just ask her to: “Play Live 365”.


Keep up-to-date on all the latest happenings by following Dock Rock SML on Facebook. Just a few new things they have on the DOCKet (see what I did there?) include a Ladies 80s Night and a second regular feature: “SML Buzz” that is set to air on Sundays at 8am (beginning April 14th) where you'll find local realtor PJ Belle interviewing all the movers and shakers in the SML region.


So anytime you're in the mood for that easy-breezy summertime feelin' - let the music of Dock Rock take you there!


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