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Goel Coffee

After a recent reflexology appointment, it was lunchtime. And while I was a bit hungry on the way home, I knew I didn't want a heavy meal to weigh me down. So, I stopped by Goel Coffee for a refreshing smoothie! There were quite a few flavors to choose from, but what caught my eye was the "Creamsicle" option with vanilla protein powder (which is gluten free!). I opted for almond milk, and it was such a lovely, refreshing result. Orange always screams WINTER to my tastebuds, and I enjoyed every sip. Because of the addition of the protein powder, it actually kept me satiated until dinner!


So, friends, be sure and keep Goel Coffee's drive-thru on your radar for much more than just coffee! They've got all your specialty drink cravings covered, and now have a permanent place at Reclaimed for the winter months!


Hours at time of publication are:

Monday-Saturday: 8:00am-2:00pm


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