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LAT Wellness | Online Yoga with Ash

One morning during my Week of Wellness, I was able to start the day off with a yoga class in the comfort of my own home led by Ash at LAT Wellness Studio.


I love that LAT Wellness has continued to offer these remote class options post-COVID! Besides the obvious convenience, my special needs pup makes regular commitments outside the home a challenge. So, this works perfectly!


Just as with an in-person class, the folks at LAT want to get to know you, your needs, and any injuries and goals you may have that will help to shape your wellness plan. After you sign up, you'll be sent over a link to connect to Zoom on the specific days and times of your requested classes.


I set up my space in the warmth of the morning sunshine that floods into my living room - mat, blanket, and water bottle close by. Once I joined the online feed, Ash personally welcomed me and asked if I had any questions before getting started. I followed along with the in-person students as we flowed through several vinyasas, balanced, did breathwork, and (my favorite) enjoyed a deep relaxation/Savasana at the end. Ash crafts each class to perfectly suit the participants. So, if there are beginners, she'll offer appropriate modifications, while advanced yogis will also be challenged with pose variations to suit their level of experience.


Though I chose morning, the Thursday evening class sounds wonderful, too! How nice would it be to de-stress from a long day by attending a practice in your pjs and then heading straight into an evening of R&R?


If you're looking for in-person OR at-home guidance along your wellness journey, check out the personal training, yoga, dance class, bootcamp, and Barre that are offered by LAT Wellness Studio located just over the Bedford side of the Halesford Bridge!


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