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More Sun Reflexology and Foot Function

I have been a longtime fan of traditional Chinese reflexology - especially during my years of wedding directing - nothing felt better after a hectic day spent on my feet clocking 15+ miles on the pedometer. When I first connected with Amy Morrison, she let me know that she is not your typical practitioner - and she was right!


Amy is a board-certified reflexologist, with many additional specialties and certifications under her belt. For new clients, she will require the filling out of a health intake form and will allow ample time to discuss any concerns you might have. You'll immediately sense that she is a font of knowledge rooted in the traditional practice of reflexology which primarily focuses on the theory of reflex maps and their correlated zones on the feet, hands, and outer ears.


Upon my arrival to meet her at the SML YMCA (her services are available to everyone - you do not have to be a member of the Y), I was ushered into a tucked-away office and offered a blanket, heated mineral-laden backrest created with cutting-edge NASA technology, and relieving lumbar support that allowed me to settle easily into a peaceful state for our session. I knew that she had my primary goal of stress and anxiety relief in mind, while also focusing on lymphatic drainage. The ultimate goal of her work with each client is to help restore the body back to a state of balance.


The entire experience was so restorative that I nearly fell asleep! After leaving, I took care to keep the next few hours pretty low-key to allow the full effects to sink in.


Amy has a deep-seated passion for helping people, and that passion has led her to recently form a new branch within her business: Foot Function and Fall Prevention. It is a fact that so many falls, sadly, lead to fatalities each year, and so many of those falls could have been prevented through such simple things as: proper footwear, correct sizing, assessment of plantar strength and/or weakness and the implementation of exercises to counteract potential weakness.


In addition to the above services, she also offers more focused sessions that are 20 minutes long and address such acute challenges as: nerve pain, injury swelling, and limited range of motion. 


Feel free to contact Amy to chat about your needs and how reflexology/foot function analysis might be a helpful part of your own wellness regimen this year.

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