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Napoli Cowboy | Napoli by the Lake

June 2023

These well-known SML eating establishments are not only a family of restaurants, but also a family-run business. The dream started with Ray, the family patriarch, who was born and raised in Dallas, TX. When he married his wife Sue, whose family hailed from Naples, Italy, the tastes of the southwestern US collided with the rich culinary tradition of Europe, and a restaurant was born: Napoli Cowboy.

The Wilsons brought their children Ray-Ray, Mel, and Mel's husband Brad (along with their decades of experience in the food service industry) on board to help steer the ship and open their sister establishment: Napoli by the Lake. I know from the sheer length of time many of their employees have been working for them just what a close-knit group the extended Napoli family is too. Known for their fresh ingredients, locally sourced seafood, and inventive take on fusion cooking, you can count on an enjoyable experience at either one of these restaurants based on what your taste or occasion is calling for. If you're in a rustic casual mood, try Napoli Cowboy, which is located in a former schoolhouse oozing with character and nostalgia. If you'd rather be on the water for a more classic dining experience, Napoli by the Lake is what you're looking for. Both boast fabulous bars which will be filled with locals, have a wonderful seasonal cocktail list to explore, and the games of the day broadcast from several screens.

Little known fact: These are some of the few restaurants that remain open on Mondays! Best reason to visit in June: Because “The Current” cocktail is being served, and the votes are in: it is a hit! Last time my husband and I stopped by for a bite, we heard a big table on the deck order “Current"s all around! This fresh, summery take on a G&T includes Bombay Sapphire, tonic, cucumber, lime, and St. Germain. Only available until June 30th!


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