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Passel Hills Farm

Meet Jeremiah Deborde and his wife Megan of Passel Hills Farm. 


The DeBorde family moved from Roanoke (and a job that kept Jeremiah on the road all the time) to the beautiful 28 acres in Franklin County that they now call home. Part of an historic tobacco farm that was previously owned by one of the oldest families in the county, Jeremiah and Megan are proud to be present-day conscientious custodians of the land as they oversee the restoration of a heritage hog breed and practice regenerative agriculture on their acreage. 


This young homesteading couple has a passion for nurturing the soil and feeding the community one meal at a time, as their farm motto states. They offer poultry, eggs, and pork along with two acres of beyond-organically grown market produce in season. Their poultry is pasture-raised, and pork is supplemented with local, non-gmo feed. 


Thanks to their PHF (Passel Hills Farm) Bundles, you can purchase a package of seasonal farm goods that might include a vegetable assortment, chicken/pork cuts, and farm fresh eggs, without a full-year commitment. You can start and stop your bundle subscription whenever you like - so it's like a CSA, but more flexible!


I always get excited about next-generation farmers and their innovative ways of helping to bridge the gap between grower and consumer. The Debordes have made some really intentional choices to do just that. From extending their convenient pick-up locations (to include places like Roanoke and Daleville), to choosing an uncommon day-of-the-week farmer's market to be a part of this year (Wednesdays at the Moneta Farmer's Market). They've made it incredibly user-friendly to order from their website, and if none of the pick-up options happen to work for you, you can even choose delivery if you're in SML! I'm personally thinking it would be nice to take advantage of their neighborhood drop program during the growing season. 


If you prefer a more traditional option, their homebase, off Brooks Mill Road, offers regular farmstand hours Wednesdays through Fridays from 11-6 and on Saturdays from 10-6.


Besides being purveyors of sustenance, education has become something the DeBordes love being able to offer to the community. During the summer months, you'll find them hosting farm tours and poultry classes for area residents. They also offer an agricultural internship program May-August and have myriad opportunities available for local volunteers to roll up their sleeves and help out with various chores around the farm. This is an especially fun opportunity for those looking to volunteer with children who would love getting up close and personal with the livestock!


The best way to keep up with the latest from Passel Hills Farm, is to subscribe to their newsletter (go to their website via the button below and scroll down to sign up). There, you'll hear about in-season offerings, newly added drop-off locations, events, volunteer opportunities, etc.


Making local meat, produce, and eggs more conveniently accessible for the customer?


Yes, please!


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