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Serafina Spa | Lash Lift

I had a late afternoon appointment scheduled with Lyndsey at Serafina Spa. The inadvertent advantage to this timing was that my workday was essentially complete as I pulled into the parking lot of their new location across from Bridgewater Plaza. This gave my brain permission to fully relax and enjoy the peaceful, pampering time ahead instead of running through my mental to-do list. Highly recommend!


Because Seraphina has a stand-alone building now, the vibe that hits as soon as you walk through the door is much more serene. With a soaring ceiling and lots of natural light flooding into the central common area, one immediately notices the contrast between it, and the dimly lit treatment rooms which surround the atrium.


Lyndsey offered me some water and a cozy blanket as she went over the answers to a few questions I had. My perimeter room was filled with tranquil music, gentle lamps, soothing decor, and the sound of water - all of which combined to instantly lull me into a state of relaxation.  


Since this particular treatment all surrounds the delicate eye area, I was grateful for Lyndsey's attention to detail and desire to get all of the necessary pieces secured comfortably. If you've never had a lash lift before, (I hadn't), it's essentially a perm for your eyelashes. After a gentle wash, a soft form is placed onto your lid and then your lashes are delicately stuck to the form. The perming solution is applied along with a darkening agent, and you wait a few minutes for them each to set. When the time is up, the solutions are carefully removed, and your lashes, fluffed.


My lashes, while dark, are naturally straight - even downward pointing. This means that you can't see them at all unless they are curled and heavily mascara-ed. But now, because I wake up with curled lashes every day, my eyes look visibly more open and more awake - without having done a thing to them! I love this simple beauty treatment that, while it may seem high-maintenance, actually allows you to be more low-maintenance on the daily.  


A lift lasts around 6 weeks or so - depending on how quickly your lashes grow out and replenish themselves. You'll start to notice more and more straight baby lashes coming in, and then you'll know it's time to book another session!


Sarafina offers quite a diverse lineup of treatments that include: massage, body polishes, spray tans, facials, and various add-ons. To keep up with their special offerings, be sure to join their Facebook Insiders Group.

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