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The Skin Co. | Day Spa

My first stop was The Skin Co. for a much-needed facial.


Jen Johnson, owner and Master Esthetician at The Skin Co., warmly welcomed me into her spa located at the White House Corner (near Alessandro's). It is decorated in a wonderful mix of cozy textures that makes you feel instantly at home. I was ushered into the waiting area with a cup of tea and cool lavender towel as I filled out the new client form and discussed my goals for the facial I was about to receive.


Because it was my first time at The Skin Co., after I had changed over to a soft terry robe and settled into the warm bed, Jen went over each of the treatments and the order in which she applies them so that I would know exactly what to expect. This may seem like a simple gesture, but it really helps someone like me (who appreciates knowing the "game plan") to more easily relax into the restorative side of a facial.


While the various masks were setting, she filled in the waiting time with blissful neck, head, and arm massages. I especially enjoyed the hot stones she used to deeply melt away the neck and shoulder tension I collect from my hours spent in front of the computer. Jen exudes such a general calming presence, and she has found that delicate balance between effective pressure and gentle touch in her massage techniques. On a personal facial-pet-peeve note, I'm always looking for a quiet technician who works without jarring you out of your reverie with bottles rattling, lids popping in your ear, and the like. This session was peaceful and luxurious from beginning to end with the exception of the noises that the steam machine makes. Afterward, Jen even took the time to make a few recommendations based on the way she saw my skin react to the treatments.  


I walked in feeling extremely dry - as is common during this time of year, but after an exfoliation, mask, steam bath, moisturizers, and finishing mist, my skin felt amazingly plump and hydrated! Who knew that was possible in December!? Even a few days later, I was still feeling the effects of such an emollient-rich experience. I also noticed some fading on my hyper-pigmentation! happy dance The lines that The Skin Co. uses and sells tout clean, gentle-yet-effective clinical-strength ingredients.


Jen welcomes clients of all ages and genders, and I think you'll instantly note the difference that her many years of experience as a Master Esthetician makes in YOUR experience. Besides facials, The Skin Co. offers full body treatments, waxing, tinting, and lash lifts, along with advanced procedures such as the Skin Pen (micro-needling), dermaplaning, and chemical peels.


Thanks, Jen, for helping to restore some life back into my winter-parched skin!

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