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Tommy's Carpet Cleaning

In 1974, Tommy Overstreet was working at a car dealership in Bedford, VA. One day, the concept of professional carpet cleaning jumped onto his radar right along with the local need for a reliable company. So, he decided he would meet that need himself and start his own business! Soon after, Tommy's brother, Steve, joined him and has been the face of the company ever since. Without Steve TCC would not be what it is today. Fast forward to 2022, and Tommy's son, Morgan, joined Steve to continue the family business and expand their service offerings! In addition to carpet, they also offer a specialized tile and grout cleaning service. I know with the majority of the lake on well water, we've all got some stubborn stuff in our lines (even with filtration) that makes getting things to the sparkling state a challenge. The great thing about Tommy's is that they haul their own water onto the job site in their vans, so you don't have to worry about your hard, mineral-filled water being used at all in the cleaning process. Something that might be of particular interest to those who rent out their homes is the upholstery cleaning Tommy's offers. Having furniture steam cleaned and then sealed with an industrial fabric protectant at the beginning of each rental season will help tremendously in extending the life of fabric couches and chairs! I asked about SOS calls (i.e. a renter spills a whole bottle of wine on the sofa), and yes, they do those too! Let's jump back to their signature focus though: carpets. Many methods (including the machines you can rent at big box stores) end up leaving residual cleaner and water in your carpet fibers - which actually ATTRACTS more dirt! Yuk! TCC uses a special rinsing agent along with hot water extraction that leaves no residue behind - Morgan says that their extraction method also fluffs the pile up to a nice soft, fresh finish. Plus of course a no-residue result is so much better for you, your pets, and your carpet too.

If you're ready to freshen things up for a new season of lake days (and personally I'd call them again at the end of the season to lift a summer's worth of grime off of all your soft furnishings), give Tommy's Carpet Cleaning a ring, and you'll find out why they've been a staple around these parts for nearly 50 years!



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