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UCF: Lobster Fries

Destination: Bull Docks

Target: Lobster Fries

Scenario: Birthday Celebration Take Out

This was not the first time I've enjoyed a piping hot plate of Bull Docks' Lobster Fries, and it most certainly won't be the last.

When you are in the mood for the ultimate comfort food indulgence with a twist of next level umami on the side, this is the dish for you. A bed of crispy fries is topped with rich fontina cheese sauce, white truffle oil, and the sweetest, buttery-est chunks of lobster I've had south of Maine.

It's billed as a starter, but I confess to having thoroughly enjoyed it as an entree' along with a side salad to…well…make me feel better about my food pyramid choices. It's a great size for sharing with a friend, or you could try and share it with the whole table if you possess a super-natural dose of self-control.

As mentioned in the scenario, in my humble opinion, this is the perfect candidate for a takeout dish. Served up on the couch with your favorite cozy movie, warm blanket, and rich chardonnay on a rainy day. Ahhhh…can. not. beat. it.

5/5 Smithies*

*Smithy: 1. Mythical creature that lurks beneath the waters of Smith Mountain Lake.

2. Rating system used around these here parts. Because why use stars when you can use Smithies?


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