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Virginia Found Goods | White Barn Vintage

Marc and Debbie Sirockman were high school sweethearts, eloped in college, and always dreamed of owning a house one day on Lake Hopatcong in their native state of New Jersey. Life went on and Marc pursued a career in the pharmaceutical industry while Debbie built up a massive network of connections following her dream into the world of vintage and antiques.

It started out purely as a hobby, but eventually Marc convinced her to open up her own retail booth to have an outlet for all of the treasures she collected throughout New England, the greater United States, and Europe. Debbie laughs as she says that there are simply no bounds for how far she will go to find a good market!

But back to their dream… One day, 11 years ago, they realized that property on Hopatcong was probably not going to be in the cards and as serendipity would have it, a friend's sister had recently bought a house on a beautiful body of water in Virginia, one they'd never heard of before: Leesville Lake. The Sirockmans were intrigued, headed south to visit the area, and bought a home that very weekend! The rest, as they say, is history. *Note: Leesville Lake is the sister lake to SML - the dam divides the two.

Around the time they made the jump to full-timers in 2017, Marc discovered an old factory for sale in nearby Hurt, VA. It took a little cajoling to get Debbie on board, but she eventually saw the potential that existed in the abandoned 30,000 sq ft building. Her beloved vintage collection would have a home here in the South!

Together, they bought the factory and opened Virginia Found Goods.

Debbie says that it was never really her dream to HAVE a shop. It was her dream TO shop! Ha! But as one thing leads to another, her innate ability to sniff out rare finds from around the world just couldn't be kept to herself. Besides the unique and aesthetic appeal of collecting vintage, Debbie is really passionate about giving things that already exist a new lease on life. Call it repurposing, recycling, upcycling, or rescuing - the goal is the same. Finding something new-to-you, to love (as many have done before you), is what keeps her energized and constantly hunting for the next treasure. VFG is open every Thursday and Friday from 11-5, and Saturdays from 10-5. It plays host to two large annual community events (spring and fall) called: The Sweet Violet Markets. After several years of fun and success, it felt like it was time to expand. The Sirockman's second property was christened last year, and it's located right across the street! Vintage is still the name of the game, but this venture, White Barn Vintage, is a concept that allows a collection of carefully curated vendors to share space under one roof, one weekend a month. These "markets" are always held on the third Friday/Saturday/Sunday (with the exception of December) and feature a wide variety of vintage, antique, and artisan goods along with food by the Sirockman's daughter-in-law, Kristen, of Sirockman Farms. Speaking of the second generation, this has truly become a family affair as their son now runs the VFG side of the business, freeing up mom to do what she does best: shop! White Barn Vintage keeps a full roster of active, regular vendors but does have room for a few rotating guest artisans each month. That, along with their fun, seasonal themes, keeps every market fresh and exciting. You never know what you might find! If you decide to jaunt down to Hurt for the day, Debbie recommends checking out some of the other area thrift and antique stores while you're in town, including: The Vintage Rose, Bittersweet Antiques, and Circle A. Do you need a place to rest and refuel during your afternoon of treasure hunting? Chef's Drive-In is a nostalgic, local diner and Main Street Cafe' makes a great stop for those looking for lighter fare.



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