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Winter Light

As we enter the long months that follow all of the light of the holidays, we might feel tempted to simply resign ourselves to the early, dark, everythingisclosedfortheseason nights ahead of us. But what if we intentionally carried the holiday afterglow with us into the new year?

Here are a few ideas to help keep your homes and your lives filled with light and joy:

  • Remove the decorations, but keep your artificial trees up with their sparkling lights

  • Create your own “Winter Playlist” on Spotify (or just search for one you like!)

  • If you didn't get around to mailing Christmas greetings this year, send New Years cards instead

  • Schedule a coffee date with a friend once a week to look forward to

  • When it's movie time, set out warm fresh-from-the-dryer throws for everyone

  • Plan a puzzle swap within your community

  • Try a new drink recipe (we've got you covered for that one!)

  • Treat yourself to fresh flowers for your table

  • Organize a neighborhood game club (cards, Bunco, bingo, etc.)

  • Go on a walk around your neighborhood with a camera and look for signs of life in nature


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