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A Good Night's Sleep

The season of freezing toes and chilly mornings is upon us and it has me thinking of various components that can help set us up for the best cozy autumn night's sleep possible… Perhaps you've sworn off flannel sheets because, while soft, they keep you too warm? If so, have you tried making your bed with half-flannel and half-traditional sheets? It might just be the perfect mix to help regulate your temperature while avoiding the cool sting of percale. Also keep in mind that summer nightclothes pair much better with winter bedding (and vice-versa). Here at our home, we find that cover weight is a major factor in helping us snuggle in for a good snooze. So instead of a fluffy, light-as-air duvet, our bed is heaped with several cotton quilts. Breathable, but wonderfully dense and heavy. We call it “sleeping the Irish way”. When it comes time to turn on the heat, extra attention to hydration is necessary. Drinking plenty of water during the day, having a full glass on your bedside table, running a humidifier overnight, and applying hand cream/lip balm before bed can all help keep you from waking up feeling like the Sahara Desert. Listening to audiobooks as I fall asleep, preferably ones I've already heard before, is one of the best ways to get my brain out of overdrive and into sleep mode. Meditations are also incredibly helpful in this regard. Lastly, here is a list of things I always keep in or on my nightstand. Glass of water Chapstick Hand Cream Diffuser and Essential Oils Warm Socks Earplugs Hair Elastic Tissues Cough Drops A lamp that is plugged into a voice-controlled plug. Sweet Autumn dreams to you!


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