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Ancestral Ladder

By local author: Linda Kay Simmons

I stand alone at this time of my life

Yet I am not alone,

For I am surrounded by

Those who love me.

The invisible presence of solid strength,

With the gentleness of a feather's touch

All encompassing wings lift me up,

I soar now in Spirit

Yet in the physical,

I stand alone.

It is not that I do not want your friendship

To have lunch, to wine and dine with you,

There have been temptations that have come my way,

But it is not my time for outside things.

There is a current pulling me insides myself,

Of ancestors standing on family soil,

Welcoming me home to my rightful place,

Showing me an amazing patchwork quilt within myself,

Hand-stitched by those who came before me.

I stand now on solid shoulders And have a higher vision

For those who love me,

On the other side

Have had me climb

Their shins, their spines,

This ancestral ladder

And placed me here.

I am being taught to see,

To sew,

The seeds of a new life.


Linda Kay Simmons, Moneta resident, strives to tap into deeper truths for herself and her readers as she conjures stories inspired by people she has known. She is the author of Cahas Mountain, Lightning Shall Strike, Lamb on a Tombstone, and Pissant and Cinderella. Contact her via Facebook.


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