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Author: Marlitta Smith

In 2019, author Marlitta Smith and her husband found themselves ready for retirement and looking for a place to plant roots in which to enjoy their golden years. Living in beautiful Colorado at the time, they felt a pull to move east in order to be near their aging parents and other family living in Pittsburg. Knowing that they both loved being near water, their search eventually brought them here to Smith Mountain Lake where they have been soaking up the slower pace, friendly people, and charming small-town amenities ever since. She and her husband, who also live here with their two dogs, are avid boaters. A favorite thing to do when family comes to visit is chauffeur them up to Bridgewater Plaza for some fun, games, and ice cream!

From a very young age, Marlitta remembers being a storyteller: always the one entertaining groups of people at family gatherings or summer camps. She loved to write poetry too, and has volumes stored away that are filled with her verses. As a teen she really took up journaling. It was a cathartic practice for her at the time, but it also began developing her prose. Words had woven themselves in and around her life in so many ways.

It was her passion for children though that led her to pen her recently published book, An Awakening of My Kid Human Powers. As a Communications Officer for the police department, I'm sure her mind was brought often to the next generation and how to encourage and empower them to make better choices for their future. One night, she awoke suddenly at 2:00am, and the concept for what was to eventually become this book was all right there in her mind. She grabbed a notepad and started furiously making notes to be sure she didn't forget a single detail!

Having time now to pursue some dreams of her own, she went to work on creating a book that was diverse, inclusive, encouraging, empowering, and would make children (and their parents) stop and think. Marlitta chose to name the characters in the book after different qualities/character traits that help to illustrate the core concept that no act is too small to make a difference in this world.

You can find An Awakening of My Kid Human Powers at most major retailers including Target, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Or just follow the button below!


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