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Blue Christmas

Last year, I wrote briefly on what a difficult time the holidays can be for many. It really seemed to strike a chord with you readers, so I wanted to share about an upcoming event called Blue Christmas at Trinity Ecumenical Parish. This is the second year they've offered this service that, according to their recent press release, “provides assistance in dealing with the debilitating grief that can easily occur during the holidays for anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one, difficulty in relationships, health-related limitations or other circumstances that interfere with the seasons traditional occasions and festivities.” 


James Tarantino, who attended last year's Blue Christmas service after losing his beloved wife, said of the gathering: “This worship experience was presented with a level of empathy and sensitivity that far exceeded my expectations. I recommend it to anyone who is hurting or feeling lonely during what should be a time of joy and thanksgiving.”


So if, in this season, you find yourself struggling to engage in the merriment that you sense others enjoying, I hope that you will seek the solace and comfort that your soul needs to make it through. ♥


Blue Christmas | Dec. 18th at 10:30am | Trinity Ecumenical Parish


For more information contact:

Vicar Joel Antley at 540-721-4330


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