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Declutter Pt.1

Tis the season to organize allthethings. Right? But because I'm not a big proponent of going on a supernaturally sized cleaning spree and then spending the rest of the year in burnout, I thought we'd focus over the next several weeks on a few micro-projects that might not float immediately to the top of your to-do list. But because they are so oft-avoided, tidying up these areas might spark an inordinate amount of joy that you didn't even know was missing from your life!


This week your task is to work on organizing your e-mail inbox. If your inbox is anything like mine can get, you somehow find yourself on the mailing list of every store you've ever set foot in or placed an order from. Said stores then proceed to keep you up to date on their latest sales and offers to the tune of three emails per day.

Let's set the easy goal of unsubscribing from five of these unwanted ad-lists each day for the coming week. Put a sticky note on your keyboard to remind you, and let's collectively get our inboxes into a pleasant state to open! Trust me, it's life changing.


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