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Dinner With Friends

By local writer: Patrice Hamren

Starting in the morning with so much 'to do' ahead

'twas hard for me to make myself climb out of my warm bed

but coffee called my name and promised big things for the day

and, dang it, I believed 'em, and downstairs made my way.

First things first, compose my list of final preparations

clear junk off the bookshelves, choose table decorations

And Dane and I agree a salad's great with hard boiled eggs

( while I stand and peel them, kittens rub against my legs )

Don't forget to take the Christmas lights off of the deck,

I mean it's almost February! 'Bout time? What the heck??

And move the cars so company can park nearby the door

there's still snow on the ground and we don't want them falling o'er

Vacuum, dust, and OH the glitter from those Christmas cards!

It sticks to everything! Red and green and silver shards!

Scrub the toilet, scrub the floor, scrub the kitchen sink.

Check the fridge, chill the wine, get ice for all the drinks.

Sit and play a game of cards, reward all your hard work.

It's the little things, you know? You deserve a little 'perk'!

It looks like things are going well - check each nook and cranny?

You've got a half an hour, yet. Go rest your chubby fanny!

At last they all arrive and the evening feast begins.

There is nothing I love more than an evening with my friends.

Patrice Hamren lives in Troutville, Virginia with her husband of 48 years and their two cats. She has been writing poems longer than she can remember. For the last 36 years she has produced a hand drawn calendar of scripture verses in calligraphy. A retired mail carrier, she fills her days with . . . whatever she wants because - she's retired!

*Used by permission of the author, may not be redistributed without written consent.


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