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Dr. Hunter Simpson | Hunting Hills Family Dentistry

Dr. Simpson was first drawn to the Smith Mountain Lake area during the years that his wife was completing her dermatology residency in nearby Roanoke. They both felt a connection to the peace, the beauty, and the people of southwestern Virginia. Because they wanted to pass along to their children a shared love for the water and outdoor recreation, they decided to make their home here at SML. It was an extra bonus that his wife's mom and dad also happened to be lake residents - what a treat to have grandparents close by!


The Simpson family loves to swim, tube, golf, and spend time at the playground together. But their all-around favorite hobby is fishing. Whether it's from the boat or from the dock, the kiddos love catching dinner for the whole gang. Hunter participates in several annual tournaments, and his eldest son, Liam, joined him for his first taste of competition fishing last year!


Dr. Simpson has always been someone who finds a deep sense of fulfillment in helping others, and now he gets to do that through his work as a dentist every single day. With a focus on full mouth reconstruction through implants and dentures, he loves how rewarding it is to assist people in regaining their ability to chew and smile with confidence. It's truly life-changing for many of his patients!


Hunting Hills Family Dentistry, founded in 2001, is co-owned by Dr. Richard Smith who offers foci in cosmetics, reconstruction, and Invisalign. In addition to general family dentistry, the practice features some unique services such as “TeethExpress”, which allows patients to receive a full mouth of teeth in one day!


You'll find HHFD sponsoring the quote section of each issue over the coming months. Thanks to Dr. Hunter and the rest of the office staff for being supporters of The Current!

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