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Fall Meditations

Meditation or mindfulness might be described as flexing and strengthening the muscle that allows us the greatest amount of control over our reactivity. It helps us ground and center our inner selves to be fully present and aware in the moment, and less in (and controlled by) our emotions when they rise to a buzzing state of frenzy.

The average break-neck speed of society only serves to weaken this valuable muscle. Hence, it falls to us to be consciously, routinely reconditioning its strength and usability.

A meditation need not be long, complex, or even done while sitting still. Some synonyms for “meditation” might help better describe the intention of the exercise even more than the definition itself: contemplation, musing, reflection, reverie, concentration, focus…

This time of the year, nature is so captivating in her fiery leaf displays, brisk nights, and rich golden sunsets. Why not take some meditative inspiration cues from the great outdoors today?

Here are a few ideas to get you started…


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