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Holiday Countdown Pt.1

Do all things holiday just kind of sneak up on you every year? Does it always somehow feel like a mad dash to the finish line? Well allow me to be your bossy big (plan-ahead-er) sister for the next few issues and gently remind you to enjoy the process of holiday planning by ticking some things off a bit early!

This week, your assignment is to sort out your Christmas cards, if you send them (*note: please send them! - My mailbox gets lonelier every year as people move more and more to the digital version of the “sorry, we've been too busy” cards). Purchase or order your design of choice and take the time to write a simple update letter to send out to all your family and friends while you have the time. Bonus points if you go through and address them now, too! It will feel SO GOOD to have this checked off your list, and the lucky recipients will be absolutely delighted to hear from you this holiday season. I guarantee it.


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