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Lake Writers

I've previously featured a few of the other wonderful groups that are gathered underneath the Smith Mountain Arts Council umbrella (such as the Franklin County Junior Appalachian Musicians, and SML Photo Club) in past issues. But today I'm excited to tell you about Lake Writers.

This bi-monthly gathering is made up of an incredibly diverse contingency of authors whose work and experience truly spans the gamut. You'll find people who are penning their very first novel and some that are in the process of getting that first novel published. Some are working on memoirs; others enjoy jotting down essays or poetry as the inspiration strikes. There are award winners, self-publishers, playwrights, those with big-house contracts, and everything-in-between. In this group, it's impossible to feel out of place.

Each meeting is mainly comprised of excerpt readings from whatever anybody (or everybody!) happens to be working on at the time. Most of the time the author is looking for a constructive critique or suggestions on ways they might improve their craft. Reading is always optional.

There are also robust discussions on subjects applicable to the work and business aspect of being a writer in this day and age - regardless of what your end goals are. Because of the varied backgrounds and connections of the members, there are often excellent suggestions of contests to enter, publications to submit work to, and possible revenue stream ideas that are shared with the group.

If you are a creative in any branch or form, you know the value of the energy and inspiration that comes simply from being in the company of other creatives. Lake Writers is no exception.

If you'd like to get a feel for what a gathering is like, they meet every second Friday, 10am, at the Moneta Library, and every fourth Friday, 10am, at Trinity Ecumenical Parish, in Classroom B.

For more information, feel free to reach out to the president of Lake Writers, Sharon Davidson, at:


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