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Meet The Skeleton Crew

Kristin: Why don't you introduce yourselves to us?

The Crew: We like to think of ourselves as a hip and humerus group of friends who just really revel in livin' the lake life!

Kristin: Where are you from?

The Crew: We are Virginians through and through. Been here since Jamestown was settled, actually! Though we tried a stint of pirating, we didn't have the stomach for it. Figured if we moved to a place called “The Jewel of the Blue Ridge” all our pirate relatives might come and visit us (and they do - especially during a certain weekend called “Pirate Days”)!

Kristin: You seem to LOVE the fall season here. Is there a particular reason?

The Crew: Oh yes - while summer is great, Autumn is amazing at SML! There are so many festivals and events, the live music is jammin', the leaves are stunning, and as you might imagine, we feel much more at home being out and about in October - when so many people are decorating for Halloween! It's our most social time of year.

Kristin: Thanks so much, Crew, for spending some time with me today. It was such a pleasure to meet you!

The Skeleton Crew is the brainchild of Andie Smarrelli, local creative, and champion of the SML community. The crew has a passion for exploring all the fabulous nooks and crannies of the lake each October and sharing the places they discover over on their Facebook page. You'll definitely want to follow along with their shenanigans...who knows what they'll be up to next?!


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