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Having lived in the north when I was young, my brain still equates frigid weather with the delicious flavor of maple syrup. Have any of you ever had maple snow taffy before?? I can taste it now… One of my favorite ways to get my winter maple fix (because, in my humble opinion, over pancakes is a bit prosaic and introduces far too much additional flavor to appreciate the glorious profile that is a pure dark amber), is over a simple bowl of plain yogurt. My #1 choice is Chobani Greek Non-fat Plain. It offers a delightfully smooth texture and just the right amount of tart to compliment, not overwhelm, the richness of the syrup. A good ratio to start with is ½ cup yogurt to 1 t maple. Adjust to your own taste from there. I hope you enjoy this decadent, simple snack. At only 74 calories, it will fit nicely into your New Year's Resolution diet too. ;-)


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