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Navigating Through S.A.D. Pt.2

Laurie Andrews, of LAT Wellness Studio, is back this issue with part 2 of Tips for Navigating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) - a type of depression that hits many this time of year.

Dimension Four: Social “Social wellness includes forming positive relationships with others, connecting with your community, and making positive contributions to society.” Ways to improve social wellness: 1. Join a book club or a local group that shares a hobby you have. Small talk is hard for many! This knocks down the barrier of being unsure of what to speak about with an agenda in place at these events. 2. Attend church functions and become involved in a project. There are many mission projects or local community projects needing help on the front lines. 3. Find a charity you want to help raise money for. Join an event already created and become involved. Dimension Five: Spiritual “Spiritual wellness can be described as seeking inspiration, inquiring into the meaning of life, or living life with purpose and intention.” Ways to improve spiritual wellness: 1. Find a church (if a believer of God) that aligns with your core values, or if you already attend one, take notes intentionally to help you grow deeper in your spiritual walk. 2. Participate in daily devotions or mantras. Reciting scripture or guided phrases of wisdom can navigate your mindset into a positive space. 3. Avoid or minimize activities that hinder your ability to feel a spiritual peace. Set boundaries to remain in a positive headspace. Dimension Six: Intellectual “Intellectual wellness is marked by having a healthy curiosity, taking an interest in learning, and approaching intellectual challenges constructively.” Ways to improve intellectual wellness: 1. Sign up for continuing educational courses at your work or find a new skill you would like to master. 2. Research ways to take your hobby to the next level. Do you enjoy painting? Maybe find a new style to learn. Play an instrument? Take lessons again temporarily to improve your skills. 3. Are you trying to discover what you truly love? Take a personality quiz and begin there! Dimension Seven: Environmental “To understand environmental wellness, we need to look at all the spaces we occupy and enjoy. This dimension consists not only of the natural environment, but of the social atmospheres and structural surroundings that set the stage of our daily lives.” Ways to improve environmental wellness: 1. Learn how to recycle in your area to reduce waste in the environment. 2. Research ways to reduce your carbon footprint. 3. Find ways to bring energy or brightness to a room in which you spend lot of the day. There are safe, indoor UV lights you can purchase if you feel more sunlight is needed. Dimension Eight: Financial “Financial wellness involves attentively managing your funds and resources.” Ways to improve financial wellness: 1. Find a financial advisor to help with budgeting, financial planning, and/or investing. 2. Join a Financial Peace class by Dave Ramsey. 3. Schedule a weekly time to review spending habits and set goals. Mint is a recommended app to download on your phone to help. There are many ideas above to inspire a first step! An important element is to be aware of where you need help. Don't be afraid to ask for that help, take one step at a time, and watch your mindset this season begin to move in a more positive direction! Definitions sited from: Strategies and solutions from Laurie Andrews, ACSM CEP

Laurie Andrews is a clinically certified exercise physiologist, owner, and head trainer at LAT Wellness Studio in Smith Mountain Lake, VA. LAT offers personal training, group classes, virtual options, and holistic guidance for people at every stage along their wellness journey.

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