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No Wake Fireworks

Image provided by: SML Insiders

The “No Wakes in the Fireworks Viewing Area” protocol was instituted 17 years ago to help keep boaters safe and comfortable the night of the huge Parkway Marina over-water fireworks display—this year on Thursday, July 4th beginning around 9:45 PM. Recently, it has been extended to also apply to the Mitchell’s Marina display in Craddock creek, happening this year on July 5.


Boaters are expected to enter the primary viewing areas at idle speed so as not to throw wakes toward vessels already on-scene. Then, when the fireworks have ended, skippers must depart calmly and courteously, accelerating to safe nighttime cruising speeds only after they’ve left the No-Wake Zones.


Marker boats with flashing amber and red lights will help boaters identify the boundaries of the No-Wake Zones. For Parkway’s July 4th display, the No-Wake Zone (on the Roanoke River below a line from R8 to Goat Island near Bernard’s Landing; on the Blackwater below B2; and on Craddock Creek in vicinity of C2) is also marked on FREE lake maps available in red Laker Magazine racks around the lake and posted on-line at, the Smith Mt. Lake Association (SMLA) website.

Safety authorities strongly recommend that all boaters wear properly fitting life jackets–especially at night and in high traffic conditions.  

For more information about the on-water fireworks, CLICK HERE.


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