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Smith Mountain Lake Association

This all-volunteer, non-profit organization is made up of residents, business professionals, scientists, professors, students, master gardeners, master naturalists, the list goes on and on… all coming together under one goal: to preserve and protect our lake for generations to come.

A slate of councils oversees the myriad aspects of keeping the lake healthy. From the Lake Quality Levels Council to the Water Safety Council, there are teams of people offering their time and expertise to educate waterfront property owners, boat operators, recreational visitors, and more so that we can all join together to keep this beautiful natural resource thriving.

The SMLA website is a wealth of information. With new easy-to-read indicators where you can check up on current clarity, phosphorus, and chlorophyll levels at a glance – and the most recent recording of a water quality webinar telling you everything you need to know about the lake's status.

When recently talking to Keri Green, chair of the Lake Quality Levels Council, she confirmed what I often hear from visitors to SML: our lake is in exceptionally good shape for its age.

This is thanks in large part to the efforts of a monitoring team of 50+ people who perform routine (every two weeks, in the summer) testing in a variety of draw spots along the 500 miles of shoreline. They respond swiftly to any threats and are actively keeping the public abreast of any readings that creep up toward unsafe levels. SML also benefits from good sewage/septic management and the natural advantages that come with having such jagged topography and depth.

Even with the advantages that Mother Nature has given us, here are a few practical ways that Keri says every lake resident can also do their part to help preserve our waters:

+ Have your septic maintained and pumped regularly.

+ Clean up after your pets.

+ Discourage geese from coming up onto your property from the shoreline.

+ Plant a buffer garden.

Another way you can actively be involved in protecting our beloved shared asset is by becoming a financial supporter of SMLA which is fully backed (just like The Current) by individual, family, and business partner members.

Membership is an investment in the quality and continuance of our waters. It is an investment in your property value (because, when waters aren't safe for recreational sports, tourists stop coming and people stop desiring lakefront homes). It is an investment in memories yet to be made by you and those you love.

This June, the association is hosting its first ever "A Day at the Lake" event. It will be a perfect opportunity to come out and enjoy hands-on demonstrations of the many facets of SMLA and to see how you personally might be able to get more involved as a steward of the lake!

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