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Smith Mountain Lake Women's Club

The SML Women's Club was originally formed in 1978 under the name “Village Women's Club.” In 1988 they decided to change the name to better reflect the demographic of their members. SMLWC continues to be a force for compassion and volunteerism in the community, values upon which it was founded, to this day.

Though this is largely a service-based group, there is also a wonderful social element to the club. The group as a whole meets once a month (at Vinny's on the third Tuesday) but is made up of several focused subcommittees that spearhead various projects throughout the year. A few of these include: Operation Smile care packages, knitting, nursing home visitation, cooking at the Ronald McDonald House, yarn rolling, deliveries of various collections, sewing, blood drives, etc.. They are quick to point out that even though there are great opportunities for crafty folk, there is truly a place in the group for everyone!

Potential members are welcome to attend up to three large group gatherings (which include lunch, an enriching speaker, and information about upcoming community service opportunities) in order to meet current members and see if SMLWC is a good fit.

This is a great club to be a part of even if you don't live here full-time, because there are so many ways to be involved in projects that transcend location. They've even started live-streaming meetings so that out of town, or under the weather members can still stay abreast of all of the happenings.

Some Stats:

  • The club is presently floating right around 30 members and includes ladies in their 40s on up.

  • In the last year alone, the collective group logged over 2,000 hours of community service.

  • Since 1992, their blood drives have resulted in over 3,000 units donated.

  • Through Adele's Legacy, over 2,500 sweaters, hats, and scarves have been knitted and donated to area elementary schools.

  • The club provides yearly scholarships for area female students at both Staunton River and Franklin County High.

Gamefest is the biggest fundraiser of the year for SML Women's Club, and it's coming up soon: April 19th. This will be the 23rd year of fun, games, food, and prizes and will be held at Trinity Ecumenical Parish. The games will consist of bridge (duplicate and party), dominoes, pinochle, mahjongg, marbles, and various other card and board offerings. Since it's inception, Gamefest has raised over $90k for a host of deserving local charities.

If you're interested in more information about the group, or would like to attend an upcoming meeting, contact:

Dianne Vallimont


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