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Tastes of the Season

Longtime readers know of my intense adoration for fall. I know there are some fellow-autumn-lovers amongst you, so I've been scouting out a few places around the lake where you can get your pumpkin-y, apple-y, cozy-spice-y fix whenever it happens to strike!

Maybe you're in the mood for something to drink? Head on over to Westlake Coffee and Cafe (Westlake C&C) for a Maple Latte (my personal fav) or a Caramel Pecan Coffee. Do your errands take you over by the Bridge? Well then Smith Mountain Lake Coffee House (SMLCH) has you covered with their delicious Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Looking for breakfast? You'll find the perfect NY Style Pumpkin Crunch Bagel with a Pumpkin Spice Cream Cheese Schmear over at The Bagel & I!

Craving a treat? Here at the lake, there is something to satisfy your sweet tooth on nearly every corner! Mia's Sweet Factory (new location on Scruggs Rd.) has a robust fall line-up that includes Pumpkin Swirl Cake, Apple Turnovers, Pumpkin Cheese Danish, and more! If it's a cheesecake you're hankering for, SMLCH might be your best pick with their wonderful assortment of all the usual autumnal suspects - oh, and don't forget to pick up a Pumpkin Scone while you're there. For pastries, Westlake C&C is where you'll find Pumpkin and Chocolate Croissants, Caramel Apple Croissants, Pumpkin Spice Donuts, and *pause for dramatic effect*, Maple Bacon Donuts.

Be still my salty-sweet-maple-lovin'-heart!

Now if your taste buds have gone cozy, but you're not really into the whole pumpkin spice scene, The Wandering Waffle is going to be your new favorite stop this season. Dinorah is whipping up some Old-World-inspired fallish delights that will have you licking your fingers and heading back for more!

Perhaps your seasonal craving is more home-centered? There's no easier way to scratch that itch than through fragrance! I love Morgan Creek Candles' Fall Collection and have "Nutty Pumpkin Waffles" simmering in my tart burner as we speak. Sidenote: candles and wax melts always make great gifts.

Speaking of gifts, the Fudge Shop in Gifts Ahoy has some yummy-sounding flavors that are making their way into the rotation. You'll find Pumpkin Spice, Carrot Cake, and Cinnamon Bun (just to name a few) tempting you from behind the counter this month.

In sum, there is no lack of warm sensory goodness to be found this September. So, get out there and partake of the local tastes of fall!


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