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The SML Boomer Band

I sat down recently with Karen DeBord, an original member of the band, to talk a little bit about the history and the future of this local for-charity-only group of musicians. Originally founded in 2018 as a small side ensemble from the Lakeside Singers, their intention was to offer a concert with a diverse repertoire that was designed to help raise money for some of the Lakeside Singers' yearly operating costs. They called themselves “Lake Pops”, and it was a lively, well-received initiation into the area music scene! The following year, with a few additions/subtractions to the lineup and a name change to “Lake Pitch” they once again played a concert in support of LS, their parent group. Year three came around, and Mark Earnhardt (a local musician) was looking to form a new Smith Mountain Lake-based band. He reached out to several interested members of Lake Pitch along with a few other (mainly retired) folks who shared a love of music and an excitement for being able to intentionally pursue it in their current phase of life. At this stage, they became their own entity, adopting the name of SML Boomer Band since they all hailed from the Baby Boomer era, ranging in age from 61-71, and the set lists they performed reflected the top hits from those decades. The pandemic shut them down for a year, but the Boomer Band was anxious to get back to performing, even if that meant sticking to only outdoor venues for a time. As they returned to practice in earnest, it was decided that they would be a not-for-profit group moving forward. Their mission became playing concerts that would benefit a different charity at every show. The Band now consist of eight members, some of which have been together since the start, and their 2023 lineup includes seven gigs around the region. You'll enjoy the fun sing-along dance-along tunes of the 60s and 70s that their performances provide!

2023 Shows:

April 22 | Fire Department Benefit at Scruggs Firehouse

April 28 | Food for Kids Benefit at Hickory Hill Vineyards

May 12 | Good Neighbors Benefit at the SML Pavilion

June 10 | YMCA Benefit at the YMCA Outdoor Stage

August 11 | Waterfront Country Club - Private Concert for Members

September 22 | SML Lions Club Scholarship Benefit at the SML YMCA

October 6 | Bedford County Domestic Violence Shelter Benefit at Hickory Hill Vineyards


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