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The SML Striper Club

The SML Striper Club was formed decades ago, originally as a source for information, tips, and techniques surrounding, as you might have guessed, recreational striper fishing on the waterways of Smith Mountain Lake. After taking an extended hiatus over the pandemic, the club is back and better than ever!

Much of what it became known for still remains: monthly meetings, informative newsletters, educational guest speakers, member discounts at area business partners, advocating for water/boating safety, taking steps to conserve our natural resources, etc.. But one of the great new additions is a Group Me thread that keeps the club connected in real time. It helps members looking for fishing buddies to find folks available to tag along, and when the biting is good, you can easily let your fellow anglers know where to find the hot spots!

Since the club's reemergence, they have also jumped into a couple of wonderful community-focused projects. The first was in partnership with the SML+ app* and its creator, Tim Barr. The SML Striper Club took on the task of setting water temperature sensors at six different locations around the lake and having their feed available 24/7 on the app. Water temperature is helpful for boaters, skiers, and swimmers, sure, but it also provides

valuable information for fishermen as they track the seasonal movement of the fish. All locations have depths set at 3 feet, and one provides a 20 foot read.

Something that President Chad Gilmore is particularly excited about is a new service arm of the SML Striper Club now known as Reel Connections for Kids. Their desire is to reach out to underserved youth in our community, ages 8-12, and host events that provide them with a full day of experiencing all things fishing!

The chaperones on the boats are club members that provide guidance, education, and an open door for long-term mentor connection as the youth attend future alumni events sponsored by the Stripers. Reel Connections would ultimately love to stay in touch with participants all the way through high school as their goals include the presentation of lifetime fishing licenses and scholarships to RCfK youth.

*The SML+ app is free and available for Apple and Android.


If you're interested in hearing more about the SML Striper Club, contact:

or visit them on the web below:


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