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Waffles and Ice Cream

Here's another hosting theme for you that is easy, fun, a crowd pleaser, and works well around several dietary restrictions. I think one of the reasons why this is always so well received, is that it is a bit unexpected! A 'Waffles and Ice Cream Party' is a great brunch-style spread that has very little last-minute scurrying around involved. The night before, pre-scoop all your ice cream onto trays lined with parchment paper and re-freeze. Right before the guests are due to arrive, pop cookie sheets full of frozen waffles into the oven to warm. If you're like me, you can add a salty element to the offerings: I love sausage cooked on the grill or stovetop - leaving the oven free for the waffles.

Depending on your grocer, you should be able to find gluten free, paleo, and keto waffle options. For the dairy-free crowd, scoop out some sherbet instead of ice cream. Additional toppings aren't necessary but if you're feeling a little “extra” here are some ideas: fruit, chocolate or butterscotch syrup, whipped cream, powdered sugar or cinnamon in a shaker, nuts, chocolate chips, etc.. Offer coffee and mimosas for bevvie options, and you're golden.

Fun, delicious, stress-free gatherings are my favorite! Send me your best feed-a-crowd ideas, and I might just feature them in an upcoming issue.


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