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Declutter Pt.2

Last week we talked about decluttering our inboxes. I hope you took a moment or two each day to unsubscribe from a few of the unwanted ads that were clogging up your e-mail. I know mine has really benefitted from the clean-up!

This week we're headed for our house clothes.

Here's my story:

You might call them house clothes, comfy clothes, loungewear, or pajamas… You know what I'm talking about - those clothes you can't wait to put on after a long day out. Your “Saturday at home” clothes. Your snuggle-up-on-the-couch-and-watch-a-movie clothes. Regardless of what you call them, I want you to think about how they make you feel. You can't use the word comfortable (because that's a given). What I'm wondering is: do they make you feel like a million bucks?

Not so long ago, I was inspired to overhaul my house clothes situation. I realized that what I was filling this category with were primarily second-rate goods. If a favorite shirt got a stain on it that I couldn't get out? It migrated to the house clothes drawer. A small hole? Same. Didn't fit as well as it used to? Add it to the pile.

I was left with a mountain of has-beens. Which I thought was ok.


One day I got rid of every article of house clothing I owned that was not in excellent condition. I found the most amazingly soft and fabulous lounge set of all time that I am positively giddy to put on whenever it's clean. I even wear some favorite jewelry when I'm home now because I feel so “put together”. I found warm comfy slippers* to putter around in that don't look like stuffed animals or pillows clinging to your feet. *At the time of publication, most sizes of these favorite mocs were on sale!

You might think it dramatic of me to say, but it's truly been life-changing! Now I'm not embarrassed if a neighbor drops by unexpectedly. Ha! I feel polished when my husband gets home. I feel classic and intentional when I'm around the house instead of "Frumplestiltskin". All the while still as comfy as can be.

I don't want you to feel judgement coming from this. It's my story - and you might not relate at all. I just want to bring to light the amount of joy I was forfeiting because of what I unconsciously settled for, and how much I gained by what I consciously chose. That's the message here.

Who couldn't use a little something that helps you feel like your best self, ready to conquer the world? Many of these types of things are right in front of you, ripe for the taking. - It's all about a slight mindset shift and intentional action.

So your task this week is to find that one category of clothing that could benefit from an overhaul. Is it socks? Pjs? Underwear? T-shirts? I challenge you to donate or dispose of what you have that's not sparking joy when you see it (any Marie Kondo fans here?), and over time, replace it with things that do. Note: The joy-shift was just as dramatic for me when I re-did my sock drawer, and the delight is still going strong over a year later.

Be ruthless. Don't be afraid of having a mostly empty drawer for a while as you build back up.

You can do this!


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