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Grace Bakes Bread Co.

Grace Bakes Bread Co. is the brainchild of Grace Hutchinson; New Jersey transplant and lover of all things sourdough! Based out of her home in the Westlake area, she specializes in gut-friendly sourdough-based creations that are easier to digest, organic, and created using freshly ground sprouted flours. You might be surprised (as I was!) to find that using a sourdough fermentation process doesn't only produce the delicious, tangy loaf that we're all used to. Miraculously, by adjusting the temperatures and process by which the starter ferments she is able to remove the “sour” taste from the dough and create sweet breads, pecan rolls, pizza rolls, and Nutella buns (to name a few!).

The ordering process works like this:

  • A new menu is released weekly

  • You place your order from Sunday-Wednesday via phone or e-mail

  • Order pickups are on Saturdays at the Westlake Farmers Market where she has a booth from 9am-sold out. Starting May 31st, she'll also be at the Moneta Farmers Market from 3pm-sold out.

  • Cash, (local) check, and Venmo are accepted at this time.

In addition to pre-orders, Grace has a rotating menu of baked goods available to purchase at both markets. She loves special requests and featuring both seasonal and international breads throughout the year! Having been initially drawn to the peace and tranquility of the lake after living by the sea in NJ for so long, she has been delighted by the social, friendly, connected community she has found here.


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