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Kababs for Boating

One of my favorite boat-able food ideas has got to be kebabs. Not the kind you throw on the grill with meat and veggies, but the served-cold, fresh seasonal flavor, nobody-needs-silverware (or really even a plate), kind. Just assemble on land, pile into a large serving dish, cover tightly, and you're golden for an easy-serve snack, app, or light meal no matter what the time of day!

Here are a few fun combos to try if you need some new ideas:

watermelon - mint - feta

fresh mozzarella pearls - basil leaves - grape tomatoes

cooked tortellini - pitted olives - pecorino

strawberries - blueberries - blackberries

cantaloupe - watermelon - honeydew

meat and cheese sandwiches cut into cubes - lettuce - grape tomatoes

salami - sharp cheddar - pickles


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