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Parkway Detailing Smith Mountain Lake

Andrew and Sarah Hughes, owners of Parkway Detailing, offer marine and automobile detailing to the greater Smith Mountain Lake community.

It's that time of year…when boat owners get their crafts back into the water and take stock of how rough the winter has been on their gel coat and interior surfaces. Besides the everyday dirt, pollen, bird droppings, etc., the elements can be brutal to watercraft. According to the Hughes, keeping your gel coat protected and your color, true requires a full wax job twice a year. If you're looking for something with more longevity/less maintenance, consider a ceramic coating which can keep things shiny and fresh for up to five years! This clear coat treatment can even be applied to polished toons to keep grime, minerals, and algae from firmly attaching during a season spent out on the lake.

This husband-and-wife duo initially started looking to relocate from their home state of Delaware in 2015, when their daughter was born. They knew they wanted to find a place that was still within easy driving distance of family and located in the mountains. That criteria eventually led them down to our area where they have happily decided to put down roots.

At the time, Andrew was working in the automotive world – an industry he started in as soon as he was old enough to work. A lot of his experience came from years on the line at the General Motors hub in Delaware, but he had since transitioned over to a company that dealt more with collision repair. On a whim, he started working weekends as a detailer, purely as a side-hustle to earn some extra cash. His reputation spread like wildfire! Slowly, the balance of his full-time job and this new side-gig started to shift until he was working more days a week on his blossoming business. With the support of his boss, it became time to take the leap into leasing his own shop and officially hanging out a shingle.

That was in the summer of 2020, and Parkway Detailing has been going strong ever since! For boats and jet skis they offer the following services:

Detailing (interior and exterior)


UV Protection (for seats and surfaces)

Gel Coat Oxidation Removal and Rehab

Ceramic Coating

Pontoon Polishing

While all of Parkway's services are offered in-shop, they provide dockside service for residents of North Shore at no extra cost. If you're outside of their immediate service area, they will still travel to you (or your boat), but for a nominal traveling fee.

Parkway also offers detailing, paint correction, scratch/chip repair, and ceramic coating for your automobiles. Sarah says that they pride themselves on their attention to detail (pun-intended) and stand behind their work 100%.

So if you have a boat, jet-ski, or car in need of anything from a good wash job to full-on restoration, give Andrew and Sarah a call (or text) to add yourself to their list of happy clients:


For the most recent before and after pictures of their work, check out their Facebook page below:


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