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Pine & Copper Co.

Anna and Joni are the friendly faces behind Pine and Copper Co., a new traveling bartending service that offers not only highly talented drink slingers, but a storehouse of stunning vintage wares to stage and stock your gathering, should you so choose.

Anna's father owns Twin Creeks Distillery where she honed her skills and first met longtime employee Joni, her now bff-turned-business-partner.

They have several events that have booked up their summer calendar but are now taking requests for fall of 2023 and beyond. You'll find an interest form at the link below where you can plug in your date(s), venue, and desired services. They will customize an experience to perfectly suit your needs whether you are planning a wedding, a business soiree, or a house party.

The hosts are responsible for purchasing all alcohol, per VA ABC licensing, but Anna and Joni are happy to lend their expertise in dreaming up the perfect offerings menu and shopping list for your event. They can do as little (just show up to serve guests) or as much (bring along their renovated horse trailer, decorations, vintage glassware, ice, paper goods, the works!) as you'd like.

So if you're looking for a helping hand (or several) to keep your next event running smoothly and your guests wowed by your incredible bar set-up, get in touch with Anna and Joni today!


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