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SML Dawg House | The Hot Dog Boat

You may have heard of SML Dawg House - the latest food boat to enter the waters of Smith Mountain Lake. I spoke with the manager/operator Eric recently about what boaters can expect from this new offering.

Throughout the summer season, his intention is to be out on the water as many days a week as he possibly can. This will be partially determined by demand, which so far, is looking quite good!

Eric's plan is to anchor in the mornings when boat traffic is light, and then to become more mobile as things pick up for the day. The best way to keep up on his whereabouts is via the SML+ app, and any breaking updates on hours and menu additions will be found on their Facebook page. The Dawg House also plans to be a part of some favorite local events this year like the Annual Raft-Up! Besides hot dogs, chips, and cold drinks, you'll be able to find Uncrustables and ice pops on board for the kiddos.

Let's all do our part in being courteous boaters around our growing food boat population - when you see SML Dawg House out on the water (they fly a large flag proclaiming “Hot Dogs” on their bow) please slow down to a no-wake speed until you have cleared their location.


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