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UCF: Catfish Tacos

Destination: Magnum Point Marina

Target: Catfish Tacos

Scenario: First time eating at Magnum. Big fan of fried catfish in general.

Expectations: High.

We arrived just as the restaurant was opening for the day, so it was very easy to get the boat parked and there was no wait time for placing our order.

When I say my expectations were high, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that my hopes were high, but I was also cautiously realistic because in my experience, fish tacos anywhere this far from the shore are…risky. However, what came out in my Styrofoam to-go carton knocked my ever-lovin' socks right off! Except that I was wearing sandals. Figurative.

The catfish tasted fresh and light and sweet. Battered and fried to perfection *chef's kiss*. The mango salsa that accompanied it was likewise surprisingly fresh, sweet, and flavorful. This is particularly noteworthy as mangos are frequent offenders in the “cut-and-served-too-soon” category.

Last, but certainly not least, were their house-made chips. Shut. The. Front. Door. I'd visit again for the chips alone! Generously cut - some the full length of the massive russet potato - perfectly fried - perfectly seasoned. Might actually have two-stepped their way to the top of my hand-cut chip podium! Yep. That good.

Expectations: Exceeded.

The Undercover Foodie gives this dish an enthusiastic 5 out of 5 Smithies*.

*Smithy | 'smiTHee | noun

1. Mythical creature that lurks beneath the waters of Smith Mountain Lake.

2. Rating system used around these here parts.

--Because why use stars when you can use Smithies?


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