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UCF | Dry Rub Wings

Destination: The Copper Kettle Co.

Target: Dry Rub Wings

Scenario: Girl's Night Out

As luck would have it, 5:30 on a Thursday evening turned out to be a great time to head out to eat in the Westlake-ish area. There was next to no wait, and we were escorted to a booth by our wonderful server. It bears mentioning that it's been a long time since I've received excellent service anywhere while dining in, so this was a pleasant surprise.

While our menu may have more closely resembled “Guys Night” (no shame here), we added a touch of class to the evening with respective glasses of Rosé and Chardonnay. Copper Kettle is gluten-free friendly and can accommodate for alpha-gal as well.

But onto the food: I'm not a saucy wing kinda girl. I prefer not to feel like I've fully bathed in my food when I'm done with it - if you know what I mean. I do, however, love a good dry rub. The Sweet Southwestern Rub at Copper Kettle is top notch. It's the hint of cinnamon-y earthiness that really sets it apart. I also appreciated the slight crisp to the skin that the cook was skillfully able to capture. Delish!

Our second dish, another favorite at Copper Kettle, was their Pommes Frites. Bless (and curse) the angel who told me they were a must-try when we first moved here! Fair warning: you MUST be a garlic lover, and whomever you're eating with must also consume said fries to match the after-breath level that these culinary superlatives leave you with. "Subtlety of flavor" is not part of the description. My preference is to ask for light oil.

Foodie level comfort food? Sorted.

Overall, a great experience at The Copper Kettle! 5 out of 5 Smithies* for sure.

Current Winter Hours

Tuesday-Friday 4:30-9:00

Saturday 12:00-9:00 | Sunday 12:00-8:00

*Smithy: 1. Mythical creature that lurks beneath the waters of Smith Mountain Lake

2. Rating system used around these here parts. Because why use stars when you can use Smithies?


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