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UCF: Gluten Free Pizza

Destination: Bruno's Clubhouse Bistro

Target: Gluten Free Pizza

Scenario: A weekly haunt.

This was not a reconnaissance mission but rather a report on long-term consistency. To be honest, it's a rare weekend that doesn't include a gluten free pizza from Bruno's at our house. And, I might add, that this is not a right-around-the-corner-because-I-don't-feel-like-cooking-tonight jaunt, but a 40 minute drive one-way. They're that good.

Those who join the gluten free world, whether by force or by choice, know that there are some things that are truly heartbreaking to leave behind. Pizza is one of those things. Unless, of course, you enjoy a tiny crust that tastes like a sawdust cracker with an overdose of salt and cheese (to try and mask the sawdust, I presume). Those are a dime a dozen.

Not I.

My ideal crust is fresh and chewy and woodfired with hints of charred crispy bits around the puffed-up edge. Bonus points if it's big enough to get normal-sized slices out of, and there's plenty to share (i.e. you don't feel like a second-class citizen receiving a beer grade serving size for champagne grade prices). Extra bonus points if there are gourmet topping combinations involved.

Bruno's gluten free pizza passes all of the above requirements with flying colors! Major kudos to the in-house chef who developed the recipe…you're sittin' on gold!

Our regular order is the “'Shrooms”.

In case you couldn't guess, The Undercover Foodie gives this dish a hearty 5 out of 5 Smithies*.

*Smithy: 1. Mythical creature that lurks beneath the waters of Smith Mountain Lake.

2. Rating system used around these here parts. Because why use stars when you can use Smithies?


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